Scarab Beetle Pendant by Carter Gore

Scarab Beetle Pendant by Carter Gore


A highly religious symbol to the Ancient Egyptians, the Scarab Beatle represented immortality, resurrection and protection. Rebirth and renewal. The cycle of life. It was even said that the Scarab pushed the sun into the sky at the start of the day, a myth born from their trait of strength and determination. We winged our scarab, because … well, why not? And embellished its shell with our signature hearts.

Our pendants are made right here in Britain, drawn by hand and cut with a big old laser. They’re made of solid 925 Sterling Silver, finished and polished by hand. Available on a 30″ ball or curb chain (please specify when ordering).

Technical Stuff:

Silver pendant (large): £110.00
32.5mm x 1mm

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